Track Attendance by Tap or QR Code

Please begin by signing in and entering your event or class into the system.

Please create a ticket in ServiceNow for a consultation with DGIT Software Development.

A-List offers two ways to track attendance:

Using Tap Registration

Use the A List to Set up a Sign-in Kiosk for Tap registration with University ID cards. Your attendees can simply tap their Bruin Cards or Staff ID cards at one or more Sign-in Kiosks that you set up.

Please contact DGIT Software Development for a consultation.

Using a QR Code

The A List has the ability to generate a QR Code for your event or class that will allow attendees to register with their smartphone cameras. Simply download the QR Code and display it during your event.

The QR Code will launch a registration form on their smartphone that will allow them to self-register.